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Activated charcoal deodorizer is a substance composed mainly of amorphous carbon in the form of elements (flour), a partly crystalline graphite scrap. In addition to carbon, the rest usually ashes, which are mainly the alkali metal scrap and sand). Activated charcoal with large external surface area should be applied as a filter ideal for smoking a variety of chemicals.

activated carbon


The surface area of activated charcoal if the unit volume is from 500 to 2500 m2 / g (take a specific example for comparison, a tennis court has an area of approximately 260 m2). Very large specific surface is a consequence of the hollow fiber structure which is mainly due to organic material inherited from the origin, through the dry distillation process (drying) at high temperature in anaerobic conditions. Most of the empty spots – cracking IC, has strong absorption properties and they play the slot transfer (between connectors). Activated carbon is often self-upgrade (for example, washing or chemical or coating), to retain the suction filtration properties, to be able to absorb the special components such as heavy metals.

Attributes increases the significance of activated charcoal also in terms of it is non-toxic (even when eating it), low production cost (made from wood and other organic waste, such as from the shell , coconut fiber, rice husks, bamboo). Of waste activated carbon manufacturing process easily be destroyed by combustion method. If the filtered substances are heavy metals, recovery, combustion ash, is also very easy.


In health (Carbo medicinalis – Drug coal): to disinfect and toxins after food poisoning …

In the chemical industry: a catalyst and the catalyst loading …

In engineering, activated carbon air filter is a component (in cigarette filters, active pieces in a mask); plate deodorizing refrigerators and air conditioning …

In water treatment (family or filtration): to remove trace contaminants.

Good effect in preventing the harmful effects of land-rays.


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