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coconut shell charcoal

BBQ charcoal Viet Nam

-BBQ charcoal is produced in Viet Nam factory Vinaglobal of coconut shell charcoal. Raw materials for the production of BBQ charcoal Viet Nam with the best quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no fumes.

-Viet Nam BBQ charcoal made from coconut shell material, used in the restaurant specializes Grill, grill while traveling, picnic, barbecue or garden used for heating and cooking in civil and sold in supermarkets in the U.S. and Europe.

-In addition to strong manufacturing BBQ charcoal Viet Nam, Vinaglobal also manufacturers high quality shisha charcoal for smoking shisha.


Buy BBQ charcoal high quality

-Today, the use of charcoal for bbq party is very popular. With these advantages over charcoal as long burn time, faster ignition, non-toxic, no fumes. This is a clean product, is the best choice for everyone.

-Vietnam is a country with large coconut plantations in the world, providing millions of coconuts per year. Coconut tree for high economic value such as foods coconut, coir carpet, coconut shell made handicrafts, bbq charcoal made from coconut shell …

bbq charcoal


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