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coconut shell charcoal

In Ben Tre market, the price of coconut water (Siamese) are at 65000-80000 east / dozen (1 dozen of 12 results), up from 20.000-30.000dong/chuc from the end of the first quarter.

coconut shell charcoal

Siamese coconut left small, coconut fewer but sweet.

Ben Tre famous long with green coconut shell charcoal Siamese, Ho Chi Minh City market and a number of central coastal province consumed, serving tourists

Meanwhile, the price of coconut get dinner (I) used as raw materials for export processing desiccated coconut, coconut milk … continue to fall, only 18000-20000 winter / dozen.

Because coconut raw materials prices plummeted, many households have harvested young coconuts to selling coconut drink water, for $ 45,000 / dozen, the higher you insert material.

Doing this “harm” because the price of raw coconut to rise again, it may take several months old new coconut tree which has fruit, leading to supply of coconut raw materials for the processing plant decline.

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