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coconut shell charcoal

I’m going to be in coconut shell charcoal garden. But I’m conceptualist should choose coconut varieties to grow. I recently heard of Malayan dwarf coconut varieties for high yield varieties, used for drinking water or coconut to dry oil also. Please please tell you whether plantation agencies like coconut? Am really grateful to your body.

coconut shell charcoal

Coconut is a perennial that can grow and develop 50-60 years. There are a number of high yielding coconut varieties yielding coconut strawberry harvest about 90-120 left / year, coconut harvest about 70-100 left / year. If coconut tree coconut breeding from parents is not possible, at left, left small. Although coconut mother left but lies in coconut populations with few trees left nearby, it has cross-pollinated, hybrid and left for less.

When coconut plantation, the first thing to think about breeding. This is the most important factor, because it determines the success or failure for coconut gardens. When breeding we need to distinguish two groups of high coconut and coconut dwarf.

Like coconut high include coconut (blue, yellow); coconut oil (green, yellow); coconut extract. Coconut, coconut extract often have to root, root diameter 0.6-0.7 m, close to about 0.30 m, 20-25m tall trees, 50-60 years old, contrary to the more coconut oil, usually 8 -12trai/thang, until he left for stable coconut, roots certainly can withstand wind storms. Group should complete this cross-pollination coconut fruit completely.

Coconut oil usually small, about 0.5 to 0.6 m, stem the grape about 0.25 m, height of 10-15m, 35-45 years old, the left for small than coconut, typically 12-15trai/thang, if less fertilizer, lack of care, lack of land by coconut oil can reduce productivity. When Coconut old small dot, is short, old drum. Group coconut (almost intermediate group between the tall and dwarf coconut coconut) both cross-pollination, but self-pollination, when the left still left with hybrids, clearly grown from a seed, but the tree left blue, yellow ..

Dwarf coconut varieties including coconut Siamese (blue, red, green, button); coconut waist (blue, yellow); coconut Tam Quan; Malaysia, coconut pineapple (small fruit), … often the root diameter of about 0, 35m high trees 10-12m, 25-35 years old, small fruit, often 12-15trai/thang. If less fertilizer, lack of care, lack of accretion coconut group also left very small, fierce little coconut sprout, short leaves. Group coconut pollinated entirely very rarely hybrid.

In addition, there are artificial coconut hybrids by the Centre for research, coconut applications Dong Go (Luong Hoa, Giong Trom District, Ben Tre) production such as:

- PB 121: yellow dwarf coconut Malaysia x High West Africa.

- PB 141: green dwarf coconut Equatorial Guinea x H West Africa.

- JVA 1: yellow dwarf coconut Malaysia x High Hijo.

- JVA 2: Coconuts Malayan Red Dwarf x H Hijo.

The left like this for 3-4 years after planting, yield 100-150trai/cay/nam, less easy to harvest trees, drought tolerant, pest resistant.

The way of breeding:

1. Select parent coconut:

Age of mother: Like coconut high: 15 – 30 years. Dwarf coconut varieties: from 10 to 15 years.

Yield: Coconuts high: 70-100 fruits / tree / year; dwarf Coconut: 100-120 fruits / tree / year.

My normal development, not deformed, leaf scars tight, body health, erect.

2. Choose fruit varieties:

Age left: When the crust is dry.

Left just regular, no deformity, no pests and diseases.

Coconut cultivation techniques

Coconut trees are trees sunshine completely. Looking at the tree that leaves out to where you can turn around here. In contrast, see the roots around the origin, we know that reaching out to first. Therefore, based on the characteristics of the soil fertilizing and re-mud, layout distance coconut or intercropped appropriate.

Folk have a saying “coconut plantation used for communication”. Distance and density planting, depending on soil conditions and coconut varieties. For good soil, high coconut growing group of about 8.5 m to 9 m. Dwarf coconut about 6-7m. With the bad soil, the high coconut plantation 7 – 8m, dwarf coconut 5 – 6m. If intercrop other plants, the distance can sue than 1m chamber and root trees intercropped coconut least 2m.

Fertilizer for coconut depends on the breed and the type land, intercropping or not, the color blue on coconut leaf or gold fell, but can apply the following formula: Fertilize at least 2 times a year on beginning and near the end of the rainy season. There are several ways to fertilize coconut. First, dig a trench around the root, the original 1.5-2m, fertilizer into the slot and install it. The second is from 10 – 12 hole around the root, root 1.5 – 2 m, depth of 10-15cm, fertilizing down hole install it. In addition, we can also spread the coconut root around then pay the mud on the rain.

For high lands coconut water for irrigation in the dry season. Newly planted trees 1 – 2 years old, a monthly pesticide spray once a month on the beetle two coconuts, otherwise they need to break causing damage or lose their coconut, slow growth at a young age.

Beetle control measures

Beetles also called coconut beetle, reduces fruit yield, dried 8 sheets or more. As each ship leaves, for a coconut chamber. The coconut tree coconut beetle attack left many years, causing mass loss, the small new leaves and are not developed, the entire ragged tree and then the tree dies.

Coconut beetle prevention measures.

Farming practices: Cutting and burning their non serious damage to prevent the spread of the coconut tree.

Biological measures:

- Use the drop parasitic bees measures (Asecodes hispinarum) has high efficiency and environmental protection of the environment.

The measures used biological fungus (Metarhizium), measures the most effective prevention is the rainy season with high humidity.

Chemical measures:

Early detection of symptoms of damage when you are in a narrow area to conduct spraying except right is the measure of efficiency and economy. Use the medication as recommended on the label of the package.

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