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coconut shell charcoal

Price coconut shell charcoal (coconut industry) since late 2011 has degraded income makes of severe decline coconut growers. This is the very same social issues and leadership at all levels of interest and there are many different explanations. Coconut Association would like some comments on this aspect.

tax coconut shell charcoal

Coconut prices as well as most of the agricultural products are ups and downs and this phenomenon has long been not a new problem …. But coconut prices fell rapidly to a low current, may be mainly due to the difficult world economic or political crisis has reduced demand for imports; coconut products in the world off fast from a few dozen to 50%, dragged coconut raw material prices low. That is the general difficulty of the coconut industry, not only in our country. Most of Ben Tre coconut products are exported, so that market volatility has affected the coconut price in the province is granted.

Opinion is that, in State taxes and do not ship to China to buy coconut the price reduction is not actual. Because the State did not ban, Chinese ships still in a normal pickup and themselves very actively reduce the price of the purchase. Known coconut processing enterprises in China are also difficult because they also reduce the demand for raw materials. For many years the State does not tax income, coconut at very low prices. Regulation of the Ministry of Finance to tax coconut exports with effect from 20/5/2011. However, up to 10/2011, coconut prices increased more than 50% (from about 93,999 VND / dozen rose above 140/000 e / dozen). But what has been said by taxing the price of coconut? Thus, 3% tax rate is very low. If price of coconut 10.000 / tax only 300 left / left. While coconut prices down to more than 7,000 e / left that security tax is not true. The fact that Ben Tre no income taxes, but due to Customs.

coconut shell charcoal

There have been many comments suggest that the State does not tax export coconut and ship to China to buy as much as possible as a result of their that coconut prices increase and benefit farmers? We believe that the Chinese merchants to do business in accordance with law is very welcome and will make the market more competitive. But foreigners or Vietnamese people buy coconut, must be based on the price in the market. Can not say foreign traders buy at a higher price firms, for whom would you give to the place of purchase low price? If ever there was a time that foreign traders suddenly increase the purchase price, which is the material of competing for resources or due to the price change, but definitely not because they love us better farmers or entrepreneurs Vietnam . On the other hand, few farmers bring coconut exports, which are mostly sold to collectors and hubs sold to ship China or for domestic enterprises. So, selling dried coconut for Chinese or Vietnamese enterprises in coconut growers do not add a dime. But if foreign crude sold for as much as the Viet Nam and Ben Tre, including farmers, workers are affected. Because if coconuts are processed locally, will make a lot of products and value-added several times, attracting tens of thousands of jobs, mainly from farmers, contributing to economic development – social, earned the country foreign exchange, contributing to the budget, the state will have more investment in agriculture and rural areas. Every year Ben Tre coconut hundreds of millions of results, so the benefits of local loss is huge. While many local businesses to narrow production workers unemployed due to lack of raw materials. This is a paradox when the State Party and called for investment to develop the processing industry, promote local strengths.

Previously, the state tax exemption for sales of farm products for farmers is very true. Now, when processing industries in developing countries, the protection of sources of raw materials for economic and social development is especially true. Taxation is only one of the measures that are applied in accordance with specific conditions to protect domestic production. Therefore, the proposal is contrary to the common good should not.

Care, protect the legitimate interests of the coconut farmers and farmers in general is very true, but by the practical measures the immediate and the long term, not by the sale of raw materials to foreign . It is important to state additional policies and responsibilities of agencies, businesses, organizations and associations to assist farmers, especially in the capital, seed, intensive science and technology to farmers farming and increase their incomes through increased productivity and output. Association coconut is actually connected to the role business affiliation with coconut growers, regional construction materials and support for processing of coconut farmers, sharing her value, lifted more position of farmers in the market mechanism. This is not simple, but in the long run will benefit farmers, for the coconut industry. Associations should be supported to accomplish this goal.

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