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coconut shell charcoal

Coconut charcoal BBQ Korea is a high quality product of Vinaglobal. Coconut shell charcoal produced by Vinaglobal a lot of partners in Korea to evaluate the quality of the best. Monthly, export Vinaglobal 10 container to partners in Korea.

coconut charcoal BBQ Korea

Coconut charcoal BBQ Korea

Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal be widely used in house specializes in barbecue, baked while traveling, picnic, barbecue in the garden or used for heating and cooking in the household. Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal are environmentally friendly products.

Vinaglobal company is specialized in manufacturing and exporting clean coal from coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal compost no chemicals, environmentally friendly.

Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal not smoke, baking brings flavor to food, especially food not as black as coal. Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal can be used in cold room (fitted with ventilation systems). Combustible coal, coal only 1 minute primer is charcoal stove, a kitchen using 6 or more, the average burning time 2-2.5h, ash <10%.

Specification than coconut shells Vinaglobal:
-Diameter 4.5 cm, height 4.5 cm; Core 1 cm make a better fire.
-50g/pcs, 20pcs in one layer, 1kg/layer.
-Packed in carton from 5-20 kg.
- In airtight containers 40 ft up to 26 tons.
-Average monthly production from 100 tons for export.

Coconut shell charcoal Vinaglobal be exported to other countries: Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and several European countries.


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