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coconut shell charcoal

According to an analysis by scientists, copra and coconut milk with nutritional components such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, fat, protein, B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium (K), magnesium (Mg ) …

Coconut trees are planted lots of fruit from South Central or the southernmost country. Coconuts are more effective in life. It is also used as a cure results very valuable.

Many utility

According to an analysis by scientists, copra and coconut milk with nutritional components such as glucose, fructose, sucrose, fat, protein, B vitamins, vitamin C and potassium (K), magnesium (Mg ) …

Potassium and magnesium content of coconut water is very rich, it’s composed of similar services in the cell, can be used as drinking water very tasty nutritious, cure dehydration and electrolyte balance (electrolysis). In the war, at the doctors have used coconut water instead infusion to rescue wounded soldiers.

The record books may agree: Coconuts “mostly soft targets and treatment drew blood, edema, excluding room temperature” (room temperature is room temperature combined with the evil spirit causing the disease, symptoms usually appear as fever , headache, chills, fear of wind, sweating, nasal congestion, cough, sore throat, pain, thirst, red tongue, white tongue moss, thin, yellowish, circuitry match probability).

coconut shell charcoal

And China Drug Policy Director to map items are: ” Coconut effect ” abandon , strip and soft ” targets and commitments ( he was sick kid yellow belly ) , deworming , combined with bile to treat thin pale in young children ” . According to the study of medicine , coconut sweetness , the pots , new student , diuretic , antiseptic . Coconuts can be used to treat inflammatory diseases heat , eager thirst , the new translation , hurt, dragged off the mouth vomiting , edema , less urination , disease intestinal parasites , sores , dermatitis . ..

Eating copra , coconut water can make your face radiant , smooth skin , the more beautiful . It can be said , from the gut to the coconut shells are precious herbs medicine .

How to use

1 . Drink coconut water 3 times a day ; like for people suffering from arthritis heat , eager thirst , injury new translation ( the nutrient fluid in the body ) , sweating , edema , and less red urine .

2 . 1 cup coconut milk , add sugar , few grains salt , stir and drink , have the effect of new gas utility , like for those who have been bleeding or vomiting escaped his mouth off , weak , effeminate , fatigue .

3 . 1 coconut fruit , drinking water , eating flesh . Eat , drink early in the morning on an empty stomach , then eat the next three hours , will have the effect of intestinal antiseptic ; like for people with ginger slices parasites , tapeworms .

4 . Copra half to 1 fruit , eaten daily in the morning and evening , have a laxative effect , like for people suffering constipation , bowel secret .

5 . Copra half grated fruit into small pieces , add rice porridge with less , eat 2 times day , work conditions spleen appetizer , like for those long days off sick , your body is depressed , eat drink less .

6 . Coconut oil ( the oil is pressed from copra ) for topical use , may be the cure scabies , fungal diseases , diseases ne …

7 . 30g coconut , excellent drinking water , 2 times a day , blood work activities free of pain , like for people who have seizures , heart attack , joint pain .

8 . Crushed coconut shells provide , terrific water to wash out the wound with heat effect , detoxification , lower than antiseptic , like for people who are sick rashes , ringworm .

The use of coconut healing

During summer days , coconut water is a kind of indispensable . In addition to the delicious food and cool , it is also drug treatment is effective .

Hair Care : Coconut oil is a natural nutrients are excellent , not only helps hair growth but also makes hair shiny . If the regular massage with coconut oil will make your scalp clean and dandruff increased humidity .

With benefits that coconut oil has long been used to treat diseases related to hair like dry hair burned , broken , especially coconut oil used to produce all kinds of hair care and cosmetic skin care .

Reduce stress : After massage using coconut oil for hair shampoo will create pleasurable , comfortable and reduce fatigue , nervous tension .

Skin : Use coconut oil to massage will increase the moisture . Benefits of Coconut Oil is no different mineral oils . Use skincare products derived from coconut oil as CoconutsFurther will not leave the side effects of using chemical based products , suitable for all ages.

Also , using the beauty care products such as creams , shampoos , soaps , creams … also work to limit the types of skin related diseases such as psoriasis , dermatitis , eczema ..

Prevent aging skin : Coconut oil helps prevent premature skin aging phenomenon , the skin disease caused by degraded antioxidant component in coconut .


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