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coconut shell charcoal

hookah charcoal natural is the best way to clean and shisha smoking will create your shisha flavors really shine.


How to hookah charcoal with natural light

 The easiest way to hookah charcoal have natural light in the kitchen is electric with heating coils exposed to hookah charcoal. You can put your natural charcoal directly on the heating element and turn up stoves, coal will light up after 2-3 minutes.

You will know the charcoals are ready when there is no “black” on the surface of the charcoals and they are completely covered in gray ash and glowing red-hot in the middle. This process usually takes about 5 minutes.

 hookah charcoal

Quick light hookah charcoal are easier (and quicker, hence the name) to light than natural charcoal. Simply hold a tablet of coal in the tongs above a source of flame, such as a lighter or struck match. Be careful, as the tongs may become hot! The coal will begin sparking and smoking when it ignites.

This will last for a minute or so. After the sparking ceases, place the charcoal in the hookah’s tray until there is a layer of ash covering it. Charcoal that still shows large sections of black (un-ashed coal) is not quite ready to smoke, as it is still giving off the combustion fumes that all coal gives off when heating up.


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