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coconut shell charcoal

coconut shell charcoal

With an area of 150 thousand hectares, coconut perennial crops are planted with the fourth largest area in the country, followed by rubber, coffee and cashew. With the progress of science and technology, the value of coconut trees is significantly improved and the coconut processing industry has become the economic development is concerned, especially in Ben Tre.
Plant is a long tradition for everyday life, not to grow in coconut tree plantations, but most farms are planted around the house, in the garden. Like bamboo, coconut trees are present mostly in the Vietnamese countryside, stretching from north to south, from the coast to the highlands, where also. The only other place much less due to soil conditions. In addition to post-harvest economic benefits, coconut trees potentially valuable asset, but it’s invisible.
Intangible value is specific value can not be seen, but it is hidden potential in each time according to the thickness of the material.
Vietnam has a history of more than four thousand years in the water, building and expanding the territory, with many ups and downs variation. Once upon a time, the coconut tree is a symbol of spiritual (mascot) of Coconut Cham. By the mid-sixth century, the century precedent, coconut official presence in Van Xuan, after the rebel military Linyi (of clans coconut) under the Ly Nam De. Getting more than five thousand prisoners Linyi put on Van Xuan, a part is built into the Lich (the predecessor of the University of La), the famous general Li Section Man taken to his home in the village of Yen, now part of Hoai Duc district, Ha Noi, famous with special spikes cakes and Cham wells never run out of water. And Thang Long Royal Citadel has an open gate to the west named Nom (the name before the construction of the royal citadel of Thang Long) is Cho Dua. Places that still exist and have been included in the administrative map of the capital, Hanoi. After the rebel troops of Champa of the time, the average prison Champa in many places in the northern provinces, the coconut tree is also present everywhere. And coconut oil in many places, where the’s specialty cakes spikes become. The cakes originated spikes at leaf spines of Take offerings of heaven and earth, gods and gradually dissolved to free into round cakes, square package leaves without longer brought pyramid.
Coconut shell charcoal is the edible fruit trees, with many uses in the life of the Vietnamese people for thousands of years, so the coconut in her a long cultural values, food, spirituality, and to tools every day should also have been present in the proverb, competitions, songs, music and art.
Do not know ever since the phrase “Protestant rice, broken salt” was his father teaches children to live and learn to live with your own values. Philosophy is similar to the question “Spicy Ginger as old as” fathers still have the “Coconut old, Mrs. lim” comes from the literal meaning of the old coconut tree hardness will many times higher than wood, this completely until now, we few who know the value of coconut. Food or in the past, the tools also have a saying: “Mark died not leave, copra cake majority”. This fact comes the proverb is eating rice it is necessary to have new copra well, without coconut, rice will be less attractive. Hidden in it, his father had to say to the inseparable attachment relationships in the community everyday life girls and boys in love couples. In folk have a saying: “The one, the vain excess / one shoulder coconut water Tam Quan” to tell the vast of Tam Quan coconut on the past. Unfortunately, today the coconut Binh Dinh has also lost its position by the market mechanism.
In poetry, the poem brought dear Le Anh Xuan fame with concerns about childhood memories with coconut trees
… “I grew up saw coconut before Lane
Coconut ru my childhood sleep
Every afternoon coconut heard ringing in the wind
I asked my inner: Coconut self never? “…
Tran Dang Khoa, described coconut tree with for von clear very cute
“Green coconut trees blocking many ships
Arms to catch the wind, nodded known moon
My silver coconut pull the May
Coconuts – herd of pigs on high
Summer night blooming flowers and stars
Train coconut – the comb on a pedestal. “…
Nguyen Van Ty also had song “standing Tre” a time when the famous cage coconut trees in the lovely portrait of the woman: “Who like coconut balls long hair flying in the wind …”.
And coconut picking scene has twice been put into the stream of Dong Ho folk painting depicts daily life of northern residents.

Coconut has been used as a traditional musical instrument of Vietnam such as: rice, the people elected to the characteristics of the echo sound from the guest to make the coconut shell.
In the spiritual life with many parts of the coconut is used as the sacrifice offered to the heavens and the earth at the moment Eve to farewell the old year and welcome the new year, expressed in pure clean. And today, the coconut is indispensable in five fruits tray on Tet of Vietnamese people prayed enough. And in most of the left wheel was offered to ancestors on the twelfth anniversary, wedding, or the King also has coconut like: barbed bread, cakes trend move (with where called spousal wheels), bread crumb, coconut sticky rice, … and very interesting Yen is also a traditional food was a coconut procession, this dish is made as follows: sliced dry coconut, dry roasted and crushed, like rice and coconut drying that today’s business processing coconut exports. In the daily food of the inhabitants of the coconut also can not forget the famous traditional dishes such as: Coconut Meat warehouses, coconut fried shrimp, fried banana, coconut, sweet bean coconut milk, … and especially coconut water color one of the additives of any housewife would like to be used to add color and shine to your inventory items. Coconut is also a source of food and fuel “priceless” for rural people North. Who have a few coconut trees, shall be deemed to be assured of the fuel and food every day. So proverb which says: “the lack of coconut land, surplus land in question.”
From ancient times, people also have to understand the medicinal properties of coconut: coconut water heat to detoxify your body, the feel of the sun when squeezed some lemon and add salt, altered serum electrolyte in the blood and also best thanks to these natural minerals. Coconut shell charcoal has the best ability to absorb toxins, should have been used as a medicine for gastrointestinal toxicity and poison mask. Copra laxative capable, helminth irritation. Coconut oil, in addition to the use for treating skin diseases, are also used for skin regeneration in the treatment of burns, …
Coconut leaf torch is also the beauty of humanity in the cultural behavior of the people of the coconut reclaiming together when step out on the road late at night.
The custom dyed black teeth of the ancient Vietnamese people also use coconut shell charcoal, until the cakes traditional folk such as rice, bread cast also includes coconut.
Port offers wedding day festival is also from coconut shell and a slug from early ancient times that have, was from coconut, the kitchen brush to scrub brush coir as Vietnamese women as flood Early also stemmed from coconut leaves …
The ancient coconut shell only used to draw water by the strength of it, this also became the source material for paintings, handicrafts products worth up to silver ratio, such as cruise ship from coconut shell in Phu Yen. It says enthusiasm and creativity of Vietnamese artisans.
And must we, little ears think that coconut resolve it’s crazy wind. Due to the texture of coconut leaves in the form of feathers lobe, so the pre-storm thunderstorm, coconut is not broken. And after the storms pass through palm forest, the wind will be less aggressive. Coconut gives me shade childhood memories in his mother’s lullaby on coir hammocks, the ball shooting quail arrested, … And coconut rope are indispensable items with the fishermen unfurl the sails out to sea . The old woman wants to have long silky black hair also needs to coconut oil, and after retiring from his life, the main coconut oil lamp symbolizes the fragility of human life as a life philosophy. Put is always there for me as a mother. Coconut also adorned the native beauty of the graceful charm, … Story of coconut, if design all will know how to become a legend. More specifically, the contributions of coconut trees in the two resistance wars against France and the United States is enormous.
Thanks to the diligent hard work and continuous innovation, from the desolate land after the war by bombing and defoliants, farmer Ben Tre made wonders. Now, Ben Tre head of the country of production and coconut processing industries with diverse products. Ben Tre today deserve coconut tree is known as the capital of Vietnam
In addition, Ben Tre has 18 traditional villages, of which 10 villages specialize in producing various coconut products with the product, cake, chips, coconut candy, coconut jelly, to those found crafts with fancy designs and creativity.
Each village has its own history and traditions with its own stories are diverse and abundant.
Ben Tre is also home to the Dong Khoi with combat-related stories to coconut and witnesses, historical figures remain healthy.
These are the intangible values that are coconut. It is implicit in the value chain of the coconut should be exploited. Want to exploit the intangible value, we have to do?
The first thing we must understand is this value, the variable’s value to the product and give it a name. When the product name, I have to turn it into commercial and branding for its quality and characteristics.
With this perspective on coconut, each of us would love coconut than their country and want to do something to the value of this intangible tangible product with bold Vietnamese culture. To do that, we need the utmost enthusiasm to shape it with the actual story takes place daily in the traditional practices of the people. Or in other words the system and practices of the inhabitants of the coconut in a scientific way with anecdotes about coconut. This is a characteristic of cultural products of coconut without a tree for any get.
From the “raw material”, can be set to print in book form from Vietnamese materials for industry, culture, education, ethnographic and for those who want to learn about Vietnamese culture.
And more practical, it is open to the smokeless industry of Vietnam-based tourism product more attractive and unique content by the depth of its culture and history.
Based tourism, tourists will learn more about the coconut in Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese history (currently there are many witnesses life), prides personality delirium of the Vietnamese people and the food people traditional as well as modern and very unique coconut from a thousand generations. Combine coconut and visit villages: cake, chips, coconut candy, crafts, … and in the community to understand the living habits of the local population. This will enhance the cultural life of local residents and visitors get to experience the reality of life in the rural countryside. With the rural market, the twelfth anniversary, wedding, …
Exploit the intangible value of coconut to turn into products, is a form of promotion for coconut in Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese history with more friends in the world and all to the people of Vietnam understand a part of national cultural values have not been interested in conservation research and development. And people understand more that the true value of a nation’s culture.

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