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coconut shell charcoal

coconut shell charcoal

When researching coconut shell charcoal material, we have found the principle of development of the coconut shell in the thickening process in the form of a head wound. Since then learned the philosophy of coconut shell:

Self-discovery, you will know what I have been able to.

In other words:

Please wake yourself, you will know how to wake up.

Why we have that philosophy?

From the crude coconut carpentry, when the investors are serious about the idea, we did a lot of different products. On the surface of each product, we can create several different surface according to the language of painting which is ma-che.

Example: On a side table, with a homogeneous texture, wanted to create the impression to consumers in diversification, we can create at least two different ma-che: lumpy and shiny. This expression is simple, just use the tools, or in other words is different kits, you can create rich diversity of product surface.

It is the expression of a human body. In the same circumstances and context, we have many ways to express themselves to make a difference in personality. Each character represents a creative thinking abilities of the person.

Want to get creative thinking, each of us are working very hard and always try to do so to achieve the best results, thus forming creative thinking. Creative thinking that is formed on the principle of an oil slick to finally be able to achieve that is the foundation of knowledge. Or further, it is the skill of every human being.

From the summary, we have more idea oriented their research than applied research for the life of the product with different values, we were directed to the field of the humanities and social education training and personality. From coconut shells then and now, was seen as one type of material thrown away, not weight, so when you want to bring rich application capabilities of coconut shell on ethical education in a mainstream, there will be more attention is forced to shield it and impose, even ludicrous. To change one thought deep into the subconscious of every person, we need to be sharp and practical reasoning persuasive vivid detail. We believe that the issues raised above will be accepted, even though the ancient fathers have used a coconut shell to teach the children that matter in any circumstances, be useful for social Assembly. While looking at his father’s old only visual but not interested in the process of thickening of coconut shell

After analyzing billion U.S. every idea, every word of the adage “healthy rice, broken salt,” he or she has taught children, we have put a lot of assumptions and questions: Why did the father do not use any other type of material to teach children that live deserve.

Since then we have carefully reviewed the structure of the coconut with intuitive and found to be unique and special relationship between people and a coconut with philosophical system Lunisolar – Five Elements of the philosophy of Local East.

And the subject of our study was also aimed at two areas: Applied Science and Social Science

Through the summary and inference, we get a different perspective of a coconut related to yin and yang five elements and philosophy of biology.

According to the philosophy of yin and yang party system, the five are: Tai Chi students three, five elements, that is, the universe was born of heaven, earth and human beings (natural – geographical -). To survive and grow and in the heavens and the earth and human beings, with the five elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth). Between them there is a similar rule, restraint constant circulation.

a. Laws in coconut

Coconut is a small universe, when looking at the coconut peeled off the crust and sisters, we see coconut has three eyes. Without this third eye, a coconut can not be developed, because it is part of maintaining the growth and development of maintain race coconut. And that is the philosophy party system, the five elements with coconut. Two eyes are considered “natural” and “local”, is responsible for water and nutrients in coconut through two pipes along the remaining coconut eyes and eyes with “human” general duty growth and development of the coconut.

Intuitively sense, coconut observation, we see a coconut with 5 layers and mutual law of the five elements is very clear:

a.1. Coconut water is the Water: nature museum contains

Coconut water is drawn from the body to the stem coconut coir. Coconut shell is responsible for photosynthesis to synthesize nutrients for coconut water coconut, water will be sucked into the coconut shell with two pipes is below two coconut Eye (Aquatic)

a.2. Copra is the wood: nature, beginning

Copra is formed in the process of emulsification of coconut water. When newly formed, soft coconut meat, then hardening up until the old and from there up dreams to germinate (aquatic plants)

a.3. Coconut shell is Mars: thermal properties, development

Coconut shell developed in parallel with coconut powder, transformed into a horn so hard coconut shells gradually to become your material without some kind of wood to match. When Coconut shell formation work for coconut rice stick it to continue to get out the oil from coconut horn (wood fire)

a.4. Coir is Saturn: nature and nurture, reproduction

When a coconut shape, it only has the housing and the first and coconut embryos. Coir is responsible for water and plastic shell Coconut embryo to develop into (on fire ground)

A.5. Coconut shell is Kim: nature record

Coconut husks left to keep the first stability in shape and is responsible for protecting the coconut water does not leak out and the water of the coconut shell fiber has also adopted green ball (earth metals )

As outlined in the structural part of the coconut, it was found that five parts, corresponding to the five elements because it represents the mutual restraint of support this theory, the restrictions and balance each together to coconuts to survive and grow. Primary restraint in coconut is suppressed to balance each other and to survive.

b. Restraint laws in coconut

Coconut development in accordance with natural law is no law beyond restraint. Consider following its resistances:

b.1. Mercury (coconut milk) portrayed (coconut): Coconut water is emulsified to form coconut rice, but not in direct contact coconut shell for shell silk separates and is home to coconut stick during emulsifier. Without this silk shell, emulsification process will not happen completely. Coconut shell when young, very soft structure, coconut water penetrates, will make coconut shells broken coconuts rot.

b.2. Fire (coconut shell) etched metal (coconut shell): When coconut oil phase switch horn, coconut shell began to dry out and lose luster

b.3. Metal (coconut shell) carved wood (coconut): When dried coconut shells is the ability to absorb water from coconut stems no longer available, so at that coconut meat is no longer stable development that began to accumulate oil

b.4. Wood (coconut) carved earth (coconut fiber): When accumulated coconut oil is now gradually dried coconut, because then the coconut water has stopped completely process.

B.5. Turkey (coir) etched glass (water based): desiccated coconut is the ability to provide water to the coconut does not happen anymore, coconut water would then be integrated into the coconut oil to accumulate and prepare for the germ, to continue for 1 new round of growth.

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