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coconut shell charcoal

Pillow shaped BBQ charcoal made from coconut charcoal. Long lasting, excellent burn time. Coconut charcoal quality is very good material to produce BBQ charcoal and shisha charcoal

Pillow charcoal for BBQ charcoal

bbq charcoal

Specifications of BBQ charcoal

It is made of charcoal powder, It has the quality of long-time burning, no smoke and easy light. BBQ charcoal is made of charcoal powder, anthracite and food adhesive, it no smoke, no peculiar smell, lighting fast, long burning time, that product is popular in all over the world, export to USA, Europe, Mid-east and Africa and so on.

BBQ charcoal is no smoke, no poison,no toxic and peculiar smell,suitable for BBQ and cooking.

1. Instant Lighting BBQ Charcoal

2. Size: 50x50x30mm

3. Easy ignite

4. High- temperature, homogeneous combustion, burn for long time

5. Smokeless, innocuous, odorless, safety and non-pollution.

6.Shape: round, pillow or can accord customer need

Analyzing Index of BBQ charcoal:

- Calorific value: over 6000 kcal.

- Moisture: < 5%

-Ash  content: <12%

-Volatile  substancer: < 28%

- Fixed carbon: < 66%

- Sulfur:< 0.05%

Packing of BBQ charcoal:

1. 2.5kg/ bag, 3kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 10kg/bag.

2. Paper bag (brown kraft bag);

3. Brown Carton;

4. Polypropylene (PP) Knitted Bag, i.e. PP bag.

5. Can use paper bag or box, also can accord customer need to do packing and weight.

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