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Address that the “ephemera” is gathering the cafe open space, facilities for the imagination, daydreaming. At that time, new sweet smoke, melt, blend, a “burn themselves” as shisha charcoal Ha said. And the price to pay for it is also very expensive hobby.

shisha charcoal

H OC as “Saudi prince r strikes”

We met Duc Thanh (Hanoi to play a secondary population losses) in a rather ironic situation, two years ago. That was the day The boys “go” shock heroin, and the girls in a mental institution for treatment of ecstasy. The pole was out of the child with a “hobby” when “seeing the coffin” in his home. According to People, “hobby”, someone called the local players, which means that drug guys. Member since: “People play (ie, addiction) drug use shisha charcoal not true, because it’s not enough to” approved “.

For young people, it’s something new, to explore strange. “To conclude:” Indeed, the children that are learning how bad of adult life. Parents do not teach it to teach the world. Many families do not manage the child has had to accept, or to people, or are living in hell. Why they and their parents are like “gambling” with life, that life. “Listen To say we saw” a thorn “.

According to the City, the kids are learning to “Arab prince” with different scents, very charming. The scent of apples, grapes, melon, strawberry, orange, lemon, floral scents such as roses, lilies, lavender … These “nonspecific” smell that aroma characteristics, because that is noble flavor. Why, it’s the smell that’s not a compliment burning herbs burned; throne sleepy smell of grass …?

Members explained: “The smell of sleepy medicinal plants are overwhelmed by the aroma of fruit and flowers is because, smoking shisha charcoal, a water bottle to last. The” ephemera “for flavoring the water in the bottle, heat to. When average warming, boiling water, emit smoke scents whether they entered “. We round eyes, flat eyes at each other and laughed, saying, “Job well meticulous play.”

Getting hung up about whether scent, such Member may want to hide something or not affordable for talking with us? Members confided: “In the game it is difficult to draw too. It fascinates, charismatic and deadly. If people want to try to play it, but not out loud, do not get yourself in a difficult position. Just sitting alone at a table with people who smoke, some times you feel like it … Adults remember the smell is so, let alone young and growing. younger brother, my sister, too. because I’m wearing (ie addiction ecstasy) that this new mess. ”

Sitting pensively for a long time, about the smell List “terrified” of “Arab prince” that young people are melted in it. Members said that they look like strawberry flavored with whole basil olive powder, pepper and spicy chili powder, then went to.

“Turbid water in the other bottle of that, must have been a variety of different flavors to it. Smoking on people, do not stand, but has lung air purifier filter flavors, accessories, food spices Where to eat on the road that accompanied it, “said List. Indeed, if properly learned how to do so, “Arab prince” of young people is “preposterous”, filled with rapid and unpredictable way games … dead.

Write the DBU Gi b ay ang smoke tan ch

shisha charcoal for people not playing soothing feeling foolish as ecstasy, not Drug stone illusion, not “approved” deep and long as heroin, but it is also something to “melt”, destroying the sense of young. shisha charcoal scary because it’s cheap, easy to use and only psychedelic, young people are easy to fool parents.

They melt in smoke with the word “remove, deo” to assert the people playing. Members said that the non choet face, delicate, promising that he staggered, “melting” of tobacco smoke certainly never find a way out, can not see the road ahead that goes .. . for sure the smoke fades.

The result we see constant, 11th grader, has said that “full flavor” grass, ke. Every idea we are “all birds” (people selling addictive drugs) should be quite warm. Hang said: “Do not buy” candy “(ie ecstasy – PV) of oil,” soft “How not to buy.”

The glance, we do not understand. Seeing this, Hang said: “The Chicken” what “bad bath” world, make new episode Interaction, right? We used this map and draw through familiar tools, users can directly “have” but inconvenient, not to fool parents. Shake, rock (drug – PV) loss of night and day, in the grass, ke, shisha charcoal only take two hours is good tan. Tan finished, go home, people are still playing good children. Parents want more money, not “deer”, always bewildered, ignorant, gold has fulfilled … “.

Hang also stressed: “Parents are the pot cell. Want to” enjoy “the pot life of this movement, they must know silly”. We are shocked because of the excesses of the Ganges older, and a youth division for the traditional trade submissive parents how this life of his father leaving.

An official in charge of the fight against drug-related crimes longtime Police Department, said: shisha charcoal  no “shock” but gradually it penetrates the brain and terrible destruction. The engine in the old days of pure opium to the health, beauty, long life, knowing moderation, for moderation, knowing good advantage of the “magic bullet” that not overdo it. The kids now can not distinguish good – so bad it became “mainstream” they “deleted” to break rather than take advantage.


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