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coconut shell charcoal

shisha charcoal – also known as the square of coal used to smoke shisha charcoal

shisha charcoal

Smoking shisha charcoal

Smoking shisha charcoal is not a new hobby of teenagers, it brought up in about 2 years. There is some notion that smoking shisha charcoal addiction is an interesting, but that claim is not entirely correct and has no basis. shisha charcoal derived from Arabic. It is regarded as a communication culture Middle East. The Arabs usually smoke through water pipes. In which the herbs aroma is created by burning coal to heat, and water through a tube into the air intake tube used.

Shisha has many flavors like mint, orange, strawberry, apple, chocolate … enough to cater for the most picky guests. When introduced into Vietnam, it suddenly becomes “hot” by quite novel. It is even more attention to young people, especially teenagers do: Smoking shisha does not make it as addictive as cigarettes, to create a sense of smell fragrant with enough interest in the mouth. Not to mention, most of the scenes are mostly shisha bar brings a Middle Eastern culture, with soothing music.

Therefore, more and more teenagers to curious to explore this strange new culture. Days ago, a teen looking to find shisha as a culture. People enjoy and leave little impression in his mind. Sometimes, it’s simply a way to relax with friends at the peace conference.

Structure shisha charcoal

Coal for smoking shisha is made from pure coconut shell charcoal, refining the complicated conditions. Thus, shisha coconut shell charcoal may be necessary to clean the user shisha, odorless, non-toxic substance created floating sensation while enjoying shisha smoke and odor.

shisha charcoal in many sizes shapes, the most commonly used type is the square box 2.5 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm or circle. Burning time is from 60-100p, thermal energy up to 6500kcal. Reasonable price


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