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coconut shell charcoal

- Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal  is produced in factories Ben Tre coconut shell charcoal. Coconut shell charcoal Ben Tre good quality to produce high-quality products such as shisha charcoal.

- shisha charcoal  or cube charcoal also known as square as used to smoke Shisha. Coal for smoking shisha is made from pure coconut shell charcoal, refining the complicated conditions. Thus, there is shisha charcoal Vinaglobal purity necessary for users shisha, odorless, non-toxic create floating sensation while enjoying shisha smoke and odor.


Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal manufacturer in Ben Tre

shisha charcoal vinaglobal

Materials shisha coal vinaglobal producing 100% natural

shisha charcoal vinaglobal

Fireplaces shisha charcoal vinaglobal natural

We always appreciate your reputation should each produce products are tested before leaving the factory. The heart of every major clients create brand Vinaglobal.


About shisha charcoal vinaglobal

 - By strongly investing in new technology and continuously improving products quality, Vinaglobal’s products win the trust of the world’s famous & picky market such as Japan, EU, USA, Korea etc…

 - At present, shisha coal vinaglobal  main products with a capacity over 100 mts per mont. With a right investment strategy, Vinaglobal has quickly affirmed its position in manufacturing, trading, importing & exporting in Vietnam in general and in Ben Tre Province in particular.

 - By these, Vinaglobal is now one of the most prestigious coconut charcoal product exporting companies in Vietnam. Vinaglobal’s brand accompanied by high quality products is achieved international standards, controlling international markets and being a top choice of domestic and international customers.

 - In many consecutive years, Vinaglobal has always achieved as stable growth speed, continuously improving living standards of employees. In addition, Vinaglobal has done a good job in paying taxes, making crucial contributions to the socio- economic development of the country as well as of the Ben Tre Province.

 - In addition to strong shisha charcoal production, Vinaglobal also produce coconut shell charcoal, charcoal bbq top in Vietnam

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Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal

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