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coconut shell charcoal

- Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal largest coal supplier in Viet Nam. Materials produced shisha charcoal Vinaglobal from coconut shells quality . Our products are a lot of customers in the Middle East to use for good quality , low price .
- Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal is produced entirely by natural coconut shells from Ben Tre , does not contain sulfur , heavy metals or other toxic substances . Shisha charcoal is an indispensable raw material for Hookah smoking .

shisha charcoal vinaglobal

Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal – Shisha charcoal supplier from vietnam

- shisha charcoal vinaglobal is also called Arab shisha charcoal. It is specially manufactured for shisha / hookah smoking.

- Arabia shisha coal is a high-tech, environmentally friendly products, refined aesthetic appearance, convenient to use.

- shisha coal Vinaglobal made from coconut shell charcoal material, through the process of burning and processing of charcoal products made with the best quality shisha, clean, environmentally friendly, safe for health, not taking any toxic chemicals.

Advantages of shisha charcoal Vinaglobal :

shisha charcoal vinaglobal


- Environmental Friendly
- Non-toxic
- Do not smoke
- White Ash
- High temperature
- No smoke
- Cheap

The use of charcoal shisha Vinaglobal

- Smoking Hookah
- Grilled BBQ
- Heating ….

Contact to buy shisha charcoal Vinaglobal

- Customers wishing to buy shisha charcoal Vinaglobal , contact us for advice on quality and get the best quotes of us.


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Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal

High Quality Shisha Charcoal Products from Viet Nam

Shisha charcoal high quality specially manufactured

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