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Pillow shaped BBQ charcoal made from coconut charcoal. Long lasting, excellent burn time. Coconut charcoal quality is very good material to produce BBQ charcoal and shisha charcoal Pillow charcoal for BBQ charcoal Specifications of BBQ charcoal It is made of charcoal powder, It has the quality of long-time burning, no smoke and easy light. BBQ charcoal is made of charcoal powder, anthracite and food adhesive, it no smoke, no peculiar [...]

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shisha charcoal high quality is produced in coal plants Vinaglobal. Materials shisha charcoal production quality are selected from the best quality coconut shell, do not use chemicals, 100% natural. Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal products are a lot of customers in Russia, the Middle East believe used. Shisha Charcoal high quality specially manufactured   - shisha charcoal vinaglobal is also called Arab shisha charcoal. It is specially manufactured for shisha / hookah [...]

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BBQ charcoal Viet Nam -BBQ charcoal is produced in Viet Nam factory Vinaglobal of coconut shell charcoal. Raw materials for the production of BBQ charcoal Viet Nam with the best quality, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no fumes. -Viet Nam BBQ charcoal made from coconut shell material, used in the restaurant specializes Grill, grill while traveling, picnic, barbecue or garden used for heating and cooking in civil and sold in supermarkets in [...]

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Shisha for smoking shisha is made from pure coconut shell charcoal, refining the complicated conditions. Thus, coconut shisha charcoal may be necessary to clean the user shisha, odorless, non-toxic substance created floating sensation while enjoying shisha smoke and odor.   Finger for Shisha charcoal Quick Details Place of Origin: Ho Chi Minh Model Number: Barbecue Material: Coconut Application: Barbecue (BBQ),bbq/hookah Shape: Stick,finger Type: Machine-Made Charcoal Calory (J): 8200 Ash Content (%): [...]

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Charcoal for hookah or shisha charcoal smoking must be hard, high density, easy to ignite, and burn longer with persistent heat. Coconut charcoal is getting more popular among hookah community because they simply satisfy all of above requirement. But with so many brands in the market, many consumers are confused in choosing which one is suitable and will add great pleasure in hookah smoking.  How to choose the good Shisha [...]

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