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coconut shell charcoal

shisha charcoal Vinaglobal made from coconut shell charcoal material, through the process of burning and processing of charcoal products made with the best quality shisha, clean, environmentally friendly, safe for health, not taking any toxic chemicals.

shisha charcoal

The best shisha charcoal production Viet Nam

Smoking shisha is a movement of young people today, need to smoke shisha charcoal products are of high quality. Meet the requirements of that market Vinaglobal provide shisha coal products cheapest, good quality.

Shisha has many flavors like mint, orange, strawberry, apple, chocolate … enough to cater for the most picky guests. When introduced into Vietnam, it suddenly becomes “hot” by quite novel. It is even more attention to young people, especially teenagers do: Smoking shisha does not make it as addictive as cigarettes, to create a sense of smell fragrant with enough interest in the mouth. Not to mention, most of the scenes are mostly shisha bar brings a Middle Eastern culture, with soothing music.

shisha coal Vinaglobal  is exported to many countries around the world such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, America, Australia …

Quality of shisha charcoal  Vinaglobal customers better evaluate and use information. In addition to providing shisha coal, there is a manufacturer Vinaglobal barbecue largest charcoal plant with a capacity of 100 MT / month

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Shisha charcoal Vinaglobal


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