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coconut shell charcoal

In recent years, based on coconut round was “suspended”, the processing enterprises in the province of Ben Tre coconut crumbled coconut fruit due to lack of raw materials to meet production demands by enterprises do not compete on price buy coconut fruit to produce than the purchase price of coconut fruit for export (crude output).

The garden smiling cheerfully as higher selling prices of coconut is 1.5 to 2 times higher than previously, and the distortion of business because no raw materials for production workers in the plant are sad because of the lack of jobs.

In particular, from mid-2010 until now, this situation becomes more severe and prolonged the previous year, making a series of Ben Tre coconut processing plant at risk of closure because there is no decommissioning materials production, to discredit and even fined for not enough product for delivery to foreign customers under contracts signed this year.

coconut shell charcoal

The problem posed to ponder is why Ben Tre businesses were “lost” at the home? State to intervene and settle how to ensure harmony between the interests of coconut farmers with factory owners and workers in the plant for coconut trees is sustainable development?

Ben Tre is local and area under coconut palm fruit production in the country with more than 50,000 hectares and left about 400 million / year (2010 data).

Although there are now experiencing hard times due to the impact of world markets, natural disasters, epidemics, pricing, … part time farmers have cut down coconuts to grow other crops to more stable income.

However, the coconut remains unique position is key agricultural industries in the province. Over the years, many models coconut intercropping with crops, livestock (such as cocoa, shrimp …) has been applied quite common to improve the efficiency of land use, income significant for farmers.

Only the coconut tree, relatives from coconut palm leaves, coconut least was able to produce dozens of different products are essential values for domestic consumption and for export as food, pharmaceutical food, household items, furniture, building materials … From then gradually forming coconut processing industry growth, plays a key role in Ben Tre, head of the country and many countries known world.

So far, in the province of Ben Tre has over 70 enterprises and over 1,000 individual production facilities, processing of coconut products such as coconut milk powder (1,000 tons / year), desiccated coconut (40,000 tons / year ), coconut oil (1,000 tons / year), coconut candy (10,000 tons / year), only coconut (70,000 tons / year), coconut coal (30,000 tons / year), coconut jelly (5,000 tons / year), coco peat (3,000 tons / year), handicraft goods … with the average export value of about $ 55 million / year, right after the second leading seafood exporters, contributing significantly to the local budget revenues and settlement jobs for over 20,000 employees.

With the preferential policies promulgated by the provincial investment of time, coconut processing enterprises have invested new and often more interested in technological innovation, improved packaging, design and improve product quality and manufacturing new products … The products are well developed, with the domestic market and widely available on the world market, with over 40 countries and regions such as China, EU, South Korea, Egypt, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Holland, Greece, Taiwan, UAE, Pakistan, Uruguay …

The biggest difficulty is the current source material (from coconut fruit) for processing regular fluctuations, does not guarantee the operation of the plant to 60-70% of capacity. This shows low efficiency can say is wasted, which leads to lower power prices rise as one of the disadvantages of competing products.

The main cause of the lack of material left palm above occurs frequently due to the sudden high waves appreciation than l, 5-2 times to purchase massively exporting coconut fruit (raw material) with the of approximately 100 million left year (- 1/4 1/3 coconut fruit production in the province every year), especially on the export of palm fruit usually takes place at coconut point “suspended” ( coconut at left).

The export of raw materials such as impact on not only the business directly to produce desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, coconut candy, coconut oil, but also affect a variety of manufacturers of coconut shell charcoal, coconut jelly, handicraft goods.

A sad reality that we have to admit that now Ben Tre coconut processing but can thrive in recent years but are generally at a small scale and medium-sized enterprises (50 enterprises surveyed the capital of the province’s leading business average is closer to 40 billion / business and labor on average 100 people / businesses in 2009) with the level of technology at the average level, not enough to face competition when major shocks such as increased prices of raw materials for export.

In this situation, on 02/12/2010, the province of Ben Tre Coconut Association jointly organized the seminar with the participation of representatives of 14 state agencies and 14 provinces all enterprises coconut processing to find feasible solutions, suitable to overcome difficulties and stabilize the coconut processing industry of the province.

Through the exchange, analysis, debate, answering questions and proposals between state management agencies to firms coconut processing, end the discussion, the role and responsibilities of agencies State management in the area of the difficulties of coconut processing enterprises in the province, Mr Cao Van Trong – Vice Chairman of Ben Tre province has pledged to support problem solving materials management left coconut for coconut production and processing in the province through the central propose adjusting the tax on coconut export fruit (raw materials) from 0% to 5%, early recognition of the coconut tree is the national industry (or Eurozone industrial plants MRD), put the coconut into the category management national crop varieties to developing policy appropriate investment for coconut trees, and also directed the state authorities Province to strengthen inspection and strictly punish organizations and individuals buying and selling coconuts illegal in the province, especially in the sale subjects coconut fruit for export, and also closely examine revenue, profit businesses buying and selling coconut fruit exports to collect taxes properly managed, fully in accordance with law focuses on increasing the extension of the coconut trees to encourage people-intensive investments to increase productivity and output Coconut guide and support the coconut processing enterprises invested technological innovation, improve product quality, produce new products with high value coconut trees to enhance the coconut value chain .

coconut shell charcoal

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