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Coconut is considered a nutritious food and stellar beauty in many tropical countries around the world. It’s smooth hair care, body cleansing and detoxifying the skin. Coconut is also a humectant inhibiting sebaceous gland. In fact, coconut appeared in numerous states, such as water, pulp, oil and cream. However, with oil extraction will cause you to have white skin smooth, radiant and natural beauty.


Coconut oil for cosmetic purposes

Coconut oil will give your skin smooth screen , bright . The small molecular structure of coconut will be easily absorbed through the skin and becomes an ideal conditioner for those who have dry skin , rough and wrinkled . Virgin coconut oil is very good antioxidant that can penetrate deep into the tissue under the skin . It helps the skin preventing the formation of free radicals cause the skin to lose resilience . Furthermore, coconut oil can also protect your skin from being black or brown spots freckles formed by the phenomenon of aging or due to direct exposure under the sun . On the other hand , coconut oil is considered the best natural ingredient for skin lotion . It is often used in soap because soap coconut oil bubbling relative ability even when used with salt water .

Coconut oil is nature and nurture

The teeth , the hair is human angle . Women always feel proud to have long hair , thick , black skin smooth and flawless , with no wrinkles. You know , Indian women always have charm , it is also thanks to the use of coconut oil in the diet and body daily . Effects of coconut oil nourish hair from root to tip , help hair grow naturally strong . If you have oily skin , the coconut oil would be a wonderful thing , have the effect of reducing oily hair and scalp . So , apply warm oil to your hair , especially the tops , let it be within a few minutes , then rinse with water , then wash your hair with shampoo as usual thuong.Tren market today , oil coconut generally comes in two forms . It can be extracted from fresh coconut or desiccated coconut . Coconut oil is normally extracted from dried coconut , virgin coconut oil is very light and easy to penetrate deep into the skin and hair , essential oils can be used as a base cream , ointment for lips … again extracted from fresh coconut .

Copra your youthful beauty

For youthful skin , pour out the water and coconut flesh into small pieces . Using firewood to create cool and facial masks against reducing oily , but remember to cover all over his face. Then cover the area around the eyes and cucumber stripped off, washed with water after 20-30 minutes , make sure your skin looks bright and youthful .

coconut Cream

Coconut cream is a nice recipe for relatively well-known . Apply the cream to your hair , skin according to the way you do with coconut oil . Please use regular coconut cream , especially for what you have dry skin , it works by moisturizing and nourishing the skin and brittle nails .coconut charcoal

Massage before shower

Body massage before bath with coconut oil helps skin soft , youthful pink and white for many years . After bathing , pat coconut oil make up the body , mind do not rub with a towel . Doing so will keep your skin a moisturizing effect of the oil .

Moisturize after bath

Coconut oil is a moisturizer for your skin if you use it right after a shower . People with skin problems such as calluses skin , psoriasis , eczema itch , you should use coconut oil , coconut oil helps because you no longer itching , and skin becomes softer .

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