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coconut shell charcoal

Along with images close green coconut shell charcoal, familiar, coconut long has become a multi-purpose fruit, coconut rice preparations are present in many traditional dishes from around the world. In addition, it is possible to utilize all parts of coconut leaves to stems to serve life …

coconut shell charcoal

Coconut trees, name is coco nucifera science, present on Earth since prehistoric times in South Melanesie, and then float along the coast to a new tropical lands. Coconut is Marco Polo brought Europe, was named the “fruit of the Pharaoh” …

Copra and coconut water that we use actually belongs to “granules” not “left.” Is a plant like the sun, coconut can reach a height of 20 meters, the left around five major clusters. People often coconut harvest “non” or “glutinous cake” to get a beverage and take the flesh (coconut rice) to eat and play. Coconuts as “old” as hard and as sweet pulp. After picking coconut can be stored for 10 days at ambient temperature and normal, left as “old” as to be long.

Coconut is a fruit with a unique by unsurpassed lipid, more than 35% of the food and, when used fresh (containing about 45% water). Glucid and proteins less than between 5.9 and 3.4% of the total weight. Such fats provide essential energy is 353 kcal – 1457 kjoule/100g (very high values, avocado higher). Coconut fat in the majority – about 90% – is the saturated fatty acid. Of these, lauric acid, C12.0 formula is superior to nearly half the total fat content of coconut. Monounsaturated fatty acids (especially oleic acid) accounted for 6-7% of total polyunsaturated fatty acids (especially linoleic acid) account for about 2-4%. Especially the coconut milk does not contain cholesterol.

Glucid content of coconut does not exceed 6 g/100g. Most of them are reducing air quality (especially saccharose) and a small portion of the polyol (sorbitol, inositol, etc.). the protein and azote components (3-4 g/100g) are identified by a significant free amino acid, as in most plants.

* The mineral content:

Can you tell more about the high rate of minerals in the following order: lead in potassium (380mg) and phosphorus (104mg); left is one of the best to provide magnesium (coconut water contains 23 mg/100 g); iron they reach the average level of 2.6 mg/100 g and sodium is relatively high (22mg/100g) for a plant food source. We may also record additional presence of a number of other trace minerals and with coconut 50g we can only fill 15% manganese, 8% copper, 5% zinc, 6% molybdenum, iodine and selenium the daily needs of an adult.

* The vitamin:

There is a difference with other fruits is low the amount viatamin C (do not exceed 3mg/100g); vitamin B group is very diverse and can provide a par with other fresh fruits; vitamin E up to 0.7 mg. White Coconut Rice, certainly not contain their carotenoid pigments. Coconut is also left with the most fiber: 9.5 g fresh and 17pm when dry.

The lipid composition useful for human health can be found in coconut oil (derived from coconut), also known as oil coprah. At a temperature of 25-27oC, liquid oil will form a solid layer of white almost neutral, less susceptible to oxidation.

Coconut water is very cool, used to prepare the refreshments (where also wine) or to store dishes, braised coconut juice (juice from the coconut meat minced) aromatic and fat are used processing many savory (curries, stews, soup) and sweet (tea, ice cream, cake). For an adult, only 50g coconut milk can provide approximately 7-9% of the overall calories for the day. Copra can complement very well the needs of fiber (especially coconut) and therefore easily absorbed very effective in stimulating intestinal activity.

Fresh coconut water is a refreshing drink familiar. But there are some who see the phenomenon of corruption, glamor, discomfort after drinking. Therefore, the need to know coconut water properly, not to abuse (drinking more than 3 to 4 fruit and drink for several days). According to popular experience, drinking coconut water is not the right way will be a response such as:

- Take the hot sun, you go home, thirsty to drink too much coconut water will be “hit” with the symptoms: chills, abdominal distension, heating steamed fever or high fever.

- First of sports competitions, if you drink too much coconut water will make the arms and legs, “shake”, reduced endurance and nimble reflexes necessary.

When drinking coconut water to drink, should add some salt to regulate. Pennywort juice with coconut water is a refreshing drink, clear heat, disinfection, very good liver margin.

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