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Shisha is the name of cigarettes laced with fruit flavored, cigarettes used to smoke Shisha Hookah, is a customary practice for a long time the people of the Middle East, or the laptop rather than from the United Arab Emirates , mystical world of fairy thousand and one nights
From 400 years ago, when that Shisha smoking is fun luxury that only the kings in the land of Arabs enjoy, they have asked the jeweler who crafted the Shisha pipe of pure gold, studded with stones precious, delicate mosaic patterned like the art masterpiece.

shisha smoke

Not long after that, Shisha smoking is widespread as one cultural beauty to people where
All the people here from the old to the women and children every day when the sun sets, they gather together and smoke shisha, drink tea, enjoy carefree moments after work. Besides the stars late at night, when the fairy tale told thousand men a night for the kids, the flickering flames of the park shisha coal as it makes the story more mysterious …

To date, SHISHA not only widely used in the Middle East but also popular in all over the world
By light and smoke SHISHA non-toxic as cigarettes, but it also has fresh fruit flavors such as Apple, Mint, Strawberry, Grape, capuchino, Guava, Melon, Watermelon … you should not only male but also the female you can easily draw and feel the taste of it.
Introduced into Vietnam but not long but very young SHISHA favorite and current fashion trends become indispensable in the table wine at the Bar, Club Everywhere


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